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Great deals offered by Dialedge

Dialedge offers Great deals of predictive dialer

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Predictive dialer requirement with images and prices

Predictive dialer for less investment

Predictive dialer requirement with images and prices

1. ISP from major providers like Bharati, Reliance, Aircel, VSNL .

Best preference is taking an ISP connection with 1:1 pure 1MB for 24 seater and 2MB for 48 seaters.

The cost may differ from vendor to vendor and depends on the location.

Every Month it may cost you 50000/- per 1MB 1:1 pure.


You can prefer cisco 2811 or any higher model. The estimated price is 1,25,000/-

3) IBM IAS 8648 Xeon x336 server with 2 GB Ram and Dual processor

IBM IAS 8648 - Model


73GB - SCSI Hard Disk

Dual (2) - Processor

Cdrom/displaycard and all basic requirement are required .

The estimated price for this server is 1,25,00/- and any higher model can be preferrred.

4)AUDIO CODEC MP-124 FXS gateway 24 ports

Company Audio Codec - VOIP gateway

Model - MP-124 FXS

Ports - 24 for 24 seater callcenter.

The Estimated price for MP-124 FXS 24 port box is 6000/-

5)Dial Pads

Dailpads can be used from any company like plantronics, viao or you can use Telephones with head phones.

Plantronics Dialpads - 5000/- per set

Ordinary telephones from Panasonic with head sets - 1000/- per set

Thanks & Regards

Vivaan Kumar

Predictive dialer for less investment